Keepin It Real Underground Radio, where the local artist Rule....​

Keepin it Real Radio gives the local and indie artist a chance to promote there mixtapes, upcoming events, as well as give back to the community. Our job is to educate the youth, keep the community updated with music, health, education, and politics. Our goal is to keep you informed on everything that goes on around the city and bring all communities together and build a nation of unity.

Our advertising products allow advertisers to reach the users they are looking to target, create segmented campaigns, interact with customers, generate dialogue and increase brand awareness. Brands can converse with the user in a relevant way without overwhelming them to create advertising that actually adds value.

Keepin It Real Underground Radio has attracted and developed demographics targets from 18-35 year of age.

As social media has become the standard in communication for millions 18 – 35 year olds, it is changing the way we think about advertising. Keepin It Real Underground Radio provides a platform for opening dialogue directly with millions of 18 – 35 year old consumers that is unique in both its approach and effectiveness.​

Whether you're launching a new product, building brand awareness or target marketing, Keepin It Real Underground Radio offers a variety of innovative, high-impact advertising solutions.

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